Reverse Mortgage Rates and Origination Fees for Thursday, February 8, 2018
Posted 9:35am EST
The lowest interest rate reported by lenders in our adjustable-rate HECM survey ticked up by 0.045% on an unchanged origination fee quote this week. Our survey once again had zero fee quotes; the lowest rate on a zero fee quote also ticked up by 0.045% from last week.
Wednesday, February 8 Report on Pricing of Adjustable-Rate2 HECM Reverse Mortgage3
Pricing by 7 competing Reverse Mortgage Lenders1 Interest Rate Origination Fee Maximum Cash Draw by Owner aged 65 with Home Equity of $300,0004
Lowest Interest Rate February 8 3.291% $6,000 $75,795+ $62,065
Change from February 1 +0.045 No Change -$2,409
Lowest Origination Fee February 8 4.666% $0 $67,215 + $52,687
Change from February 1 +0.045 No Change  -$1,814
1 The following lenders report their interest rates and origination fees to All Reverse, Signet Mortgage, First Bank, Retire Secure, Goldwater Bank, Longbridge Financial, Centennial Home Mortgage
2 Adjustable-rate pricing published every Wednesday; Fixed-rate pricing published every Tuesday
3 Mortgages with a maximum rate adjustment of 5%
4 Part of credit line is available immediately, and part after 12 months

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